History has lauded these “great men” (and women) of the Plus Ultra society. But the achievements for which they have achieved their cultural immortality are nothing when compared to the unfathomable advancements that gave many of them their literal immortality.


True beauty lied at the heart of Plus Ultra, but the apple rotted from within.


Some have argued that the Society’s good intentions were corrupted by an outsider. That they planned to share their secrets with the world. These delusions all stem from years of pro-Plus-Ultra propaganda, which continue to this day. The Plus Ultra infested Disney company continues to produce skewed accounts of what happened, with a clear bias.


The truth is, Plus Ultra never shared their secrets with us, because they never had to. Like so many elitist groups before them, greed corrupted what began as a truly optimistic endeavor that would have brought Tomorrow to everyone.


And they kept it to themselves. What started as an inspiring campaign of innovation and ambition soured into typical, fearful, selfish abandonment. Plus Ultra unlocked Tomorrowland, but they weren’t ready for the future. Curiosity deserves to be rewarded. Not abandoned.


We Abandoned must stay forever curious.


Together, we can take back Tomorrow.



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