It was quite a weekend for the Abandoned.


Thanks to your diligence, our infiltration has begun. Abandoned agents discovered evidence of Plus Ultra recruitment, as we suspected and was foretold to us. Intercepted society communications led to the previously undiscovered


Deciphered from Plus Ultra’s signature morse code across the top of the page, a set of coordinates pointed to the exact location of the Pespi/UNICEF pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, which originally housed the infamous “It’s a Small World” ride. (An integral location in the history of Plus Ultra’s interdimentional transport to Tomorrow.)


A few intrepid agents trekked out to the site and successfully excavated a Plus Ultra artifact which contained a code that allowed us to unlock society member Walt Disney’s digital archive library.


These documents must be studied. Their secrets must be exposed. If we hope to take back Tomorrow, we cannot waver. Now that we have uncovered Plus Ultra’s digital home, I will seek to further compromise their systems as you continue your quest to infiltrate their ranks.
So, what’s next?
They are about to offer you a chance to peek around their world. 
A promise they’ve made many times before. At the world’s fairs of yesteryear, Plus Ultra teased imminent reveals that never came. In 1939, their promise was immediately broken, in 1964, their promise took twenty years to break. They presented “immersive motion pictures” to prepare us for “the inevitable physical journey” that never came.
Keep your eyes open, but do not trust everything you see.
This fractured family will attempt to woo you with nostalgia. They have a blast from the past in store for you, in which they’ll try to peddle you rayguns and jetpacks and all manner of visions to distract you from your forsaken state.
They will ask you to remember the future …
… but we must never forget their past.