Last week, I shared a newspaper clipping describing a robbery that occurred at the Tesla display at The New Yorker Hotel. (Which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me, of course.) The most ambitious of you noticed a small indicator I drew in that image:


This lead to a piece of information that, in combination with a previous unlocked clue, allowed many of you to access society founder Nikola Tesla‘s digital library archive page on the recently discovered (Which, we assume, is integral to Plus Ultra’s current recruitment scheme, as foretold by our new friend.)
Discovered in this archive were several illuminating documents, which paint a more vivid picture of the intimate details of Plus Ultra’s history:

The archive contains more documents than I can reasonably share here (all worthy of our study) but one piece in particular shook me to my core:

Ever since I made the decision to start STOP PLUS ULTRA, I’ve had my share of doubts. Far more than the bias of any propaganda, reading the words of the Father of Plus Ultra — his unmistakable hope, and his clear desire to share all they’d discovered with the world — has left me conflicted.
How could this noble intent so quickly sour? What really happened to the brotherhood began by Tesla? Did subsequent generations slip further and further from that unreachable ideal “Further Beyond?” Perhaps such a corruption is unavoidable so long after the founding touch. This has led me to face the inevitable question that I’ve written off for too long:
Are we seeking to stop Plus Ultra, when someone else already has?
On the heels of this potentially transformative discovery, we finally heard back from our new friend:

This has deeply affected me. It’s one thing to discuss and debate our cause through the anonymous veil of text, but seeing and hearing her speak directly about me … I am floored by her optimism.
We’ve both dedicated our lives to asking the same questions, but she’s remained the same beautiful Optimist she was when she started. And I’ve become … something else. Her and I are two sides of a coin flipped by Plus Ultra more than a hundred years ago. Just as she is no closer to knowing what will come, I don’t know which side of that coin will land facing up.
She said she hadn’t stayed silent all these years, and after doing some preliminary research, that appears to be true. Though we may not recognize the many names she’s taken over the years, I hope to be able to uncover some of her previous writings for us all to study. I get the feeling we all have much to learn from her, myself perhaps most of all.
The end is near, my Abandoned. This may be the last piece we need to fully uncover their secrets and infiltrate their ranks.
Thank you all for facing Tomorrow with me, no matter what it brings.