The end is upon us, in more ways than one.

You have all done incredibly diligent work over the past few weeks. After Plus Ultra lured us to another of their historical locations, a commemorative plaque in honor of 2013’s “The Optimist” recruitment program was found by Abandoned agents at Disneyland’s Main Street Cinema.

The code present on the bottom of this plaque unlocks a member page for the Plus Ultra recruiter known only as “Wallace” on There, among his infamous art pieces, was found a personal communication left by him to another recruiter regarding the 2013 recruitment program.
It is clear to me now that — at least for one member — the desire to carry on Plus Ultra’s noble tradition continued past their failed 1984 Reveal. Just as reading Tesla’s words shook me to my core, these few lines of text have filled me with a hope that was only recently reignited. Unfortunately, the one I credit for that personal growth is no longer with us. An unexpected comment brought us the sad news: ObitMany of you noticed a hidden message she left in her obituary for us, which lead to a selection of journal entries. While they all contain a fascinating peak into her history investigating Plus Ultra, one in particular stuck out:

009 Considering her established relationship with society member Ray Bradbury, this was a lead worth following. At a park near his recently demolished home in Cheviot Hills, Abandoned agents unearthed another piece of Plus Ultra history:

The code she gifted to us here unlocked Bradbury’s member page on Among his documents, a communication describes his interactions with our late friend:

Apparently, the previous writings she hinted at took the form of a chapter in a 1967 book called “Conspiracy Queries: Unlocking the Secrets of Secret Societies.” Abandoned agents quickly researched and located a listing for this book:


Abandoned, we have lost one of our own. The optimistic woman who offered us so much has passed on, and while I will keep my theories on that to myself out of respect, I will not stay quiet in regard to its effect on me. If anyone deserved a great, big, beautiful Tomorrow, it was her. And she didn’t get it.
I declared previously that I would further compromise their systems, as all of you continued your quest to infiltrate their ranks. You continue to fulfill your part of this. Beautifully. It’s time I fulfilled mine. For her.
Whatever final secrets Plus Ultra holds, whether or not they have already been stopped, will be ours as we begin our final steps to take back Tomorrow.
Thanks to the dearly departed, our destiny lies in the pages of this dusty old paperback: